Thanks for visiting Katie Kamala,  I am an intuitive therapist, teacher, and writer who’s mission is to educate and inspire others on their healing journey.

I believe the human body is a gift from our creator and I enjoy teaching my clients how to take care of their bodies through awareness, nutrition, movement, and natural therapies. 

My private studio, YOGA FUSION is a safe place for you to unplug from the hectic world and enter into a deep space of relaxation where your body can heal and your mind can find peace.  

I was born to do this work.  I started in my early twenties as a holistic skincare specialist and for over 25 years I have continued learning and evolving as a human being and practitioner of the healing arts. My passion and curiosity has caused me to travel the world; living and studying my craft in Europe, Asia, South America and India. I have gained tremendous insights into indigenous healing with medicinal plants as well as ancient knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda, I spent 8 years as a freelance magazine writer and columnist on the topics of natural health and beauty. My first book “A Diamond for India” was published in 2011 by Peppertree Press.

SEMINARS I am a nationally approved continuing education provider for the massage and nursing professions, specializing in aromatherapy certification, spa training and medicinal plant retreats.